Getting Started with Web Speech API1 min read

For the past few days, I have been playing around with the Web Speech API and to be honest it is very impressive!

It started with the post named Web apps that talk – Introduction to the Speech Synthesis API by Eric Bidelman on HTML5 Rocks. Below is a video excerpt from that post

Glen shires also wrote a post named Voice Driven Web Apps: Introduction to the Web Speech API where he explains how you can send an email using the Speech API. Here is a quick demo

There is another awesome demo created by Eric Bidelman here, that translates your Speech to Text, runs through Google Translate API, converting the text to a selected language and then Speaks it out for you! Isn’t that cool!!

As of today, this is the browser support for Speech Synthesis API

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.18.40 pm

and Web Speech API

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.19.00 pm

Here is another comprehensive post on Web Speech API by Aurelio De Rosa.

Check out Using the Web Speech API to control a HTML5 video, where Ian Devlin shows how you can control your video player using the Speech API. Prettty Sweeettt!

Wait.. it gets better, Tyler Smith showcase how you can use the Speech API to play Games!

A couple more demos to get you excited about the Web Speech API

See the Pen Web Speech Synthesis Demo by Matt West (@matt-west) on CodePen.0

A wikipedia reader, enter article, select a language and load!

See the Pen Wikipedia reader (Speech API experiment) by Anthony Dugois (@anthonydugois) on CodePen.0

I will keep adding more demos to this list. Contributions welcome!

Thanks for reading! Do comment.