Learning Ionic

For the past 3 months, I was involved in a writing an awesome book on Ionic, thanks to Packt Publishing.


This book is part of a learning series, where the main goal of the book was to introduce developers to Ionic and get them acquainted with it. This books consist of 9 chapters and an appendix. They are as below

Ch. 1 Ionic – Powered by Angularjs Reintroduces AngularJS from Ionic perspective.
Ch. 2 Welcome to Ionic Introduces Mobile Hybrid architecture, Cordova and Ionic.
Ch. 3 Ionic CSS Components & Navigation Introduces CSS only components of Ionic. Examples on how to integrate these components with AngularJS.
Ch. 4 Ionic & SCSS Theming Ionic apps isn't a rocket science anymore.
Ch. 5  Ionic Directives & Services A deep dive into various Ionic directives and services, what they are how to use them.
Ch. 6  Building a Book Store App A hands-on example on building an Ionic app that integrates a REST API (with JWT support).
Ch. 7  Cordova & ngCordova Add Cordova support to your projects & learn how to work with ngCordova.
Ch. 8  Building a Messaging App Build a chat application using Firebase, Ionic and ngCordova. Share texts, Images & Geo location between friends.
Ch. 9  Releasing the Ionic Application Learn all the essentials needed to release the chapter to the app store.
Appendix Additional topics & tips I have added a few cool things that every Ionic developer must be aware of.

I have a created a GitHub Organization for Learning Ionic – here. This Organization consists of all the code examples explained in the book. All the examples are based on Cordova 5.0.0, Ionic CLI 1.5.0 & Ionic 1.0.0. I will try my best to keep these updated, as Ionic changes.

Big credit goes to Hemal Desai for finding me & getting me on board. Merwyn D’Souza – The super awesome content editor, who got approvals for this book to go till 388 pages from the initially agreed upon 250 pages, just to make sure the readers get the best content. #respect. Also the only one person who went through the entire book like 4 times reading my crappy English. #sorryforthat. The book is what it is because of your efforts! #thanks.

Another awesome person I got to work with is Shashank Desai – The technical editor. I was honoured to work with a person with such high credentials & very happy that he will be moving to the Project manager role after this book. Wishing him loads of luck.

And a very special “Thank you” to the entire team Packt Publishing team involved in getting 388 pages book out in less than 3 months. Kudos!!

The reviewers

  • Bramus Van Damme
  • Ian Pridham
  • Indermohan Singh

who were very very insightful in finding gaps in the content & the code examples. They improved the quality of a book to what it is now. It was an amazing experience working with you guys.

Finally, a very special Thanks to Mike Hartington (Ionic core team member) for the Forward. This definitely added a lot of value to the book.

And the best part now, where can you buy this book from

  1. Packt Publishing
  2. Amazon – Paper Back
  3. Amazon – Kindle

Do let me know what you guys think.

PS: A big sorry to all the people who tried to reach me on my blog or personally in the last three months. I was super busy in getting this book out. Hope I am not too late to answer your questions now.

Thanks for reading! Do comment.