End to End Testing with Protractor

Getting Started with Protractor

In this post, we will see how to setup protractor and run a few E2E tests. First, We are going to scaffold an Angular application using Yeoman and then add Protractor tests to them (as of today, there are no E2E tests included in generator-angular, in future if they do get included, you can still follow this post).

Special thanks to my dear friend Ali Baig for helping me better understand Selenium and Webdriver.

So, Let’s get started.


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Koa Monk and Gulp – Getting Started

Koa Monk Gulp – Getting Started

In this post, we will take a look at the basic concepts of Koa and Monk. Then we will scaffold a new Koa Monk project using a Slush (A Scaffolding tool like Yeoman, but uses Gulp for task management) generator named slush mongo written by Antonio & me.

So, let’s get started.


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Deploying Node Applications to Heroku

Deploying Node Application to Heroku

This is a quick & minimalistic tutorial on how to move your local Node app to a public hosting service like Heroku.


Before we start off deploying, you need to be aware of Git and how to go about it. You can find a tutorial here. (I am assuming you have Node installed)

If you are deploying an app for the first time ever, I highly recommend creating a dummy Node project & playing around with it.

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Onsen UI and PhoneGap – Getting Started

Onsen UI – The Answer to PhoneGap UI Development

Onsen UI – tutorial

Onsen UI – getting started

This is a getting started post on building an Onsen UI hybrid app. We will pick a simple template add a theme and then deploy the app to PhoneGap build to generate an installer.

The below screenshots are from my Samsung Galaxy Note I

Screenshots_2014-05-09-16-44-00Screenshots_2014-05-09-16-40-32Screenshots_2014-05-09-16-40-50You can download the installer from here. And if you want to submit this app to PhoneGap build, you can fork this repo.


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Uploading files made fun with Express js and Blueimp file upload

Uploading files made fun with Express js and Blueimp file upload

In this post, we are going to upload stuff to the server (yeah!!). We will use Express js as our server and Blueimp jQuery file upload plugin to perform the operations.

We will leverage a Node package named blueimp-file-upload-expressjs (written by me). There is already a middleware available, but I wanted to write one on my own, with a few more options. BTW, this is not a middleware, it’s just a plug and play code. 

The final result will be

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.30.27 pm You can take a dig at this demo here. And you can find the complete code here.

Credits : I have not written any local/server file upload code from scratch. I have taken the node server code from here & cleaned it up a bit. The original code uses imagemagick, and I am planning to use something lightweight and less dependency oriented to enable simple operations like cropping, resizing, filters etc. The search is still on, suggestions are welcome. I have found this awesome node module named Light Weight Image Processor for NodeJS, so far the best light weight image processor.


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